The Four seasons

Enjoy a rich and delicious cuisine at the "Quatre Saisons" which will be your favorite restaurant for breakfast or buffet lunch and dinner. The impressive buffet offers a choice of international dishes both hot and cold and gives you the possibility to order on site for breakfast the famous Moroccan pancakes ( Ml'aouis or M'semmen) or an omelette with herbs.

Opening time:   06h00-10h00

Phone: +212 5 22 45 81 00

The Brasserie

Gastronomy is the set of rules that define the art of good food. According to the French Academy, "offering good food", which meant "a good reception", was used since the nineteenth century in the sense of "making a good meal" - a good meal being a prime element of good welcoming.
In this sense, "food" includes everything about the quantity, quality and preparation of meals. At "La Brasserie", our chef does not deviate from the rule by concocting daily meals and dishes able to satisfy the most urgent to the savvy gourmand!

Opening time:   06h30-10h00

Phone: +212 5 22 45 81 00


Specialty: Moroccan

Moroccan cuisine is Mediterranean one characterized by its variety of Arabic , Jewish and Berber dishes. Despite its similarities with other cuisines of North Africa, Moroccan cuisine has retained its originality and its unique cultural characteristics.At the Firdaous we try, every day, to make you finger the world of Moroccan cuisine in an oriental ambience to spice up and raise your stay with us.

Opening time:   19h00-01h00

Phone: +212 5 22 45 81 00

Tea lounge

Specialty: Tea, coffee, refreshments

A Tea Salon is usually a public place for relaxation where tea is sold you can often eat on the spot. Pastries and sweet and savory cakes are also available in an accompaniment. At Hôtel Farah Casablanca , the Tea Lounge is not an exception to its original spirit, instead we try to accompany you throughout the day by making your appointment, your moment of relaxation or your hot drink on the go take place in the best attention and care conditions.

Opening time:   07h00-23h00

Phone: +212 5 22 45 81 00

Jet Set

Ideal for an evening with friends or to arrange your private events, the Jet Set is a space that harmoniously blends the ambiance of tapas bar and light snacks. The terrace is a must in Summer !

Opening time:   19h00-02h00

Phone: +212 5 22 45 81 00

Jazz Bar

Specialty: Tea Room

Beyond its primary role to serve customers with drinks and snacks, the Jazz Bar is the ideal place to unwind at the end of the day while enjoying the Live shows or Football games.

Opening time:   17h00-01h00

Phone: +212 5 22 45 81 00